Jurgiel & Associates History

John A. Jurgiel – The Early Years

Industrial Hygiene Company - portrait of John A. Jurgiel as a young man in the militaryJohn A. Jurgiel attended Manhattan College on an ROTC scholarship, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He then joined the United States Air Force and served for ten years as a Bioenvironmental Engineer. It was in this role that he was introduced to his life-long calling as a professional Industrial Hygienist which eventually led to the founding of the industrial hygiene company, John A. Jurgiel & Associates.

Military Service & Advanced Education

Starting A CareerThe Air Force sent John A. to Harvard University where he earned his Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene. Armed with knowledge of this new and burgeoning field, he completed a number of special assignments for his country, including one study associated with manned space flight and exposure to missile propellants. Upon his return from Vietnam, John A. was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service.

Launching a Career

Launching a Career

In 1969, John A. worked for the Industrial Health Foundation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an Industrial Hygiene consultant on a large project to study the effects of occupational exposure to cotton dust. In 1972, he was the associate editor of “Industrial Environment: The Worker and the Community,” In 1973, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri to join the environmental engineering consulting firm of Envirodyne Engineers, Inc. But it was 1978 that would serve as the turning point of his career when he launched John A. Jurgiel & Associates, Inc., an industrial hygiene company, and began performing IH evaluations for industrial clients throughout the greater St. Louis area.

Pioneering and Expanding


Over the years, additional associates were added to the roster of John’s industrial hygiene company in order to meet the needs of the growing client base throughout Missouri and across the Midwest. For many of these clients, Jurgiel & Associates served as the principal corporate Industrial Hygiene consultant. The firm also played a prominent role in asbestos exposure management starting in the 1980s. Jurgiel & Associates participated in hundreds of asbestos-related projects involving the identification of asbestos-containing materials (ACM), the preparation of technical specifications for asbestos abatement, the oversight of abatement projects, and the performance of “clearance” monitoring upon completion of the project. Clients included business owners and contractors, academic institutions, government agencies, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Postal Service, and the Veterans Administration.

Focusing on the Client

Focusing on the Client

John A. emphasized the need to be a results-oriented firm to his sons and other staff members, offering practical solutions to the unusual issues and problems that were experienced. He stressed the importance of building relationships and trust with clients to foster long-term relationships. While other firms in the early asbestos era took advantage of business opportunities, John A. always prioritized the needs of the clients and the Industrial Hygiene profession.

John P. Jurgiel Education & Career

John Jurgiel

John P. Jurgiel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1985 from the University of Missouri – Rolla. He worked for an environmental consulting firm in St. Louis for two years before attending Harvard University School of Public Health to earn a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene in 1989. He then spent 8 years with The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan and Freeport, Texas, conducting IH surveys for customers and providing field technical support for product lines in a number of specialty chemical manufacturing units. Moving back home to St. Louis in 1997, John P. worked for Petrolite Corporation before teaming up with his father and brother to run the family business.

Rob Jurgiel Education & Career

Rob JurgielRob Jurgiel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1991 from Northwestern University. He worked as a construction inspector for Sverdrup Corporation (now Jacobs Engineering Group) on a cable-stayed bridge project over the Mississippi River in Burlington, Iowa for 2 years. He spent another 2 years working for Steinman, Inc. (now Parsons Corporation) in Chicago, Illinois, inspecting and designing rehabilitation projects for bridges and roadways. Rob joined Jurgiel & Associates in 1995. He earned a Master of Public Health degree in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health in 1998 from the University of Michigan. Rob has significant experience with Asbestos and Lead consulting, as well as with Construction and Heavy Industry sites.