Expert Witness Services

Based on the experience and credentials of our Senior Staff, Jurgiel is often asked to provide expert witness services in legal matters. The firm has experience supporting both plaintiff and defense teams with services that may include:

  • Completing technical research to support case development
  • Rendering professional opinions related to risk exposure and control
  • Delivering depositions
  • Reviewing depositions of other experts
  • Providing in-court testimony
Expert Witness Services

Regulatory Support

Because many clients find statutory language to be confusing and the prospect of interacting with regulators daunting, Jurgiel is frequently engaged to provide:

  • Interpretation of federal, state, and local safety and health regulations
  • Review of historical sampling data, inspection records, or other safety and health-related documentation
  • Critical analysis of previous sampling/remediation activities
  • Review and interpretation of OSHA citations
  • Repeat (or new) surveys or inspections, including side-by-side sampling with OSHA and surveys to address OSHA complaints
  • Assistance with OSHA-mandated hazard abatement plans
  • Attendance at informal OSHA conferences
Regulatory Support