Historical Loss (Claims) Review

A strong risk reduction program starts with an in-depth analysis of past performance. With a staff that boasts years of experience in commercial insurance, Jurgiel goes beyond a simple count of claims frequency and severity to the identification of causal agents, contributory factors, and hidden trends that clients can use to amend their business practices and reduce the risk of future loss.

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Risk Assessment for Specific Lines of Insurance Coverage

Risk assessment is a process by which hazards are identified, evaluated, and prioritized to determine the likelihood of their contribution to loss. Both the frequency and severity of loss are of interest and may not be caused by the same things.

Whether a client’s concerns are with Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Automobile, or Property, Jurgiel is adept at pinpointing both the areas of potential risk improvement and the means of achieving the desired ends.

Risk Assessment for Specific Lines of Insurance Coverage

Insurance Marketing

Each time a company renews its commercial insurance, it can easily find itself caught between well-meaning business partners with competing interests. On one side, the insurance carrier has to evaluate the client’s risk performance in order to safeguard its underwriting process. On the other side, the agent (broker) is charged with serving as the client advocate. Somewhere in the middle, the client may just be looking for an honest assessment of how they are doing in terms of risk control.

Risk Consulting Services - Insurance Marketing
Risk Consulting Services - Insurance Marketing

In the realm of risk consulting services, Jurgiel has personnel who have served on both sides of the equation – as insurance carrier and as insurance broker representative. With this background, we are well-equipped to understand the challenges associated with each.

As an independent risk consultant, Jurgiel can conduct a thorough assessment of a company’s risk program and provide a customized risk report that casts them in the best possible light to the insurance market. At the same time, Jurgiel can be completely candid with the client about any perceived gaps in their risk performance and can work with them to develop and implement an improvement process before these shortcomings become a liability at renewal time.

Safety Accountability

The first steps in achieving safety accountability involve the establishment of clear expectations and the measurement of performance against those expectations. By doing this, management can identify both positive achievements and opportunities for performance improvement. They can then choose to reward, discipline, motivate, coach, or encourage based on that evaluation.

Safety Accountability

Historically, most safety metrics, like accident frequency, recordable incident rate, days without an incident, and total cost of loss have measured “outcomes.” In contrast, Risk-Leading Indicators (RLIs) are performance metrics that focus on the things that produce a desired outcome, rather than on the outcome itself.

The concept is that the presence of certain actions, conditions, and program elements increase the likelihood of achieving a desired result. By selecting, defining, and promoting the appropriate indicators, management can guide its organization step-by-step into a continuous improvement process that will facilitate the achievement of their larger objectives.

Through its experience with “real-world” occupational scenarios, Jurgiel can assist its clients with the creation of customized RLIs and with the framework needed to develop an effective risk accountability process.

Post-Incident Management

After an undesirable incident (employee injury, fleet accident, warehouse fire, etc.), a business owner needs to take certain steps to prevent additional loss and to return operations to normal as soon as possible. When it comes to risk consulting services, these steps include:

  • Implementing a response plan to safeguard personnel, secure the scene, and collect information
  • Conducting an effective incident investigation
  • Providing for transitional return to work for injured employees
  • Taking corrective action to prevent recurrence
  • Communicating to affected employees and business partners (including medical providers, insurance claims representatives, etc.)

Jurgiel personnel have worked for some of the largest, most sophisticated companies in the world and can assist with the creation of processes and procedures that can help a client get back to where it needs to be following an incident.

Post-Incident Management

Outsourced Risk Control

In today’s challenging economic environment, some insurance companies have opted not to maintain an internal risk control staff. When the need arises for professional risk consulting services, these firms can turn to Jurgiel for help in prospecting new business or in satisfying the needs of existing clients. Available services include:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Incident investigation
  • Program development
  • Risk evaluation reports
  • Site inspections
  • Training

Jurgiel employs risk engineering professionals with extensive experience in both the carrier and broker realm who know the language and understand the expectations of this high-pressure industry.

Outsourced Risk Control
Risk Consulting Services -Jurgiel team members working with a client on assessing occupational safety